Training, Public Speaking and Custom Consulting

Inspire agency staff, small and mid-sized business owners, and individuals alike with training to start, grow and succeed in businesstraining

Self-employment is on the rise! If America is to continue to enjoy the economic and social benefits of a strong entrepreneurial foundation, we must work together to improve opportunities and outcomes for free agents, independent contractors, self-employed and small business owners.

As scholars and practitioners in entrepreneurship, KISBD founders work with multiple audiences to deliver training and related subject matter experts (SMEs) as follows:

Training the Trainers

Whether you are a government program, public small business assistance or workforce development agency, KISBD offers professional development and training solutions to support all phases of improving your client’s venture performance and outcomes including:

All program include Counselor Training Guides and Teaching Aids, as well as Client Workbooks, Financial Forecasting Worksheets, and Business Plan Templates.

  • Thinking about starting a business
  • Starting a business
  • Started a business, but struggling
  • High growth business
  • Business network building

Contact us to discuss your agencies objectives and needs for enhancing the impact of your business and workforce development programs.

Training Business Consultants and Coaches

You have the skills, experience and specialized knowledge to help others with various stages of their venture development. Yet, you lack a proven process. KISBD offers packaged training platforms, aids and tracking tools for guiding client progress with:

  • Identifying a business opportunity
  • Market testing to validate concept
  • Developing a business strategy
  • Launching a venture
  • Driving growth
  • Succession planning

Contact us to discuss your firms goals for improving the impact of your client services.

Training Target and Public Audiences

Delivering entrepreneurial development SME across multiple channels and venues including:

  • Public speaking
  • Workshops
  • Media tours
  • Guest interviews
  • Conference key notes
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Educational program design

Contact us to discuss your organization’s interests in improving the reach, engagement and impact of your marketing and outreach efforts.