Tips for Becoming a Self-Employed Success

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Now that you know what it means to be a self-employed freelancer, you need to know how to become a successful self-employed freelancer. Here are some tips to help you build your brand and create a successful path for growth:

Create a Plan |

This is always the ultimate answer to reaching any business goal. You need to clearly understand what you are offering, what your goals are, and what it’s going to take to reach them. All of this can be answered by creating a strategic business plan. It’s also important to remember that your plan is not set in stone. You should regularly re-evaluate and adjust it based on your progress and any new information you gather along the way.

Protect Your Status |

The IRS and the Department of Labor are setting stricter guidelines for self-employment status, and are cracking down on businesses who incorrectly file employees as contract workers. Take steps to ensure you don’t accidentally qualify as an employee for one of your clients under these new regulations by:

  1. Creating an LLC.
  2. Getting your own workers comp insurance.
  3. Creating a signed, legal contract outlining your work.

As self-employment continues to grow, and regulations become stricter, these three items will become increasingly important to businesses looking to hire freelance and contract workers.

Get Connected |

Networking is your strongest asset in self-employment, because much of your business will likely be based on referrals. You can find new, regular work by joining freelance marketplaces, like WorkMarket and TaskRabbit, which connect businesses with qualified contractor workers. Through these networks, you can connect with clients and other freelancers, create valuable relationships, and strengthen your professional brand.

Communicate Your Value |

Social media marketing and content marketing offer great opportunities for self-employed individuals to create strong brand personas and reach a larger group of consumers in their industry. Expertise can be showcased through valuable, evergreen content, and then emphasized through engaging communication with other individuals and businesses via social media. Creating a website is a primary way of communicating your value online. This creates an image of professionalism, and provides potential clients a place to look for content, sample projects, testimonials, and to learn more about your experience, values, and goals.

Final tip, self-employment is by no means an easy path to choose, but with dedication and perseverance, along with a great strategy and a positive attitude, you can create a successful business that you love.


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