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Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Employee Benefits

It is a common misconception in today’s job market that small business means small employee benefits. However, this doesn’t need to be true. Owning and running your own small business has its challenges, one of which is attracting top talent. In a small business, every person is vital. Workers needRead More


6 Unique Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

All small businesses are faced with the challenge of competing with big corporate chains, especially during the holidays. Even with Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small movement, it can be hard to compete with big businesses who can afford to spend millions on holiday marketing. To gain an advantage,Read More


How Much Financing Do You Really Need?

One of the biggest challenges in starting your own business is securing the financing you need to cover start-up costs. However, before you can determine where that financing will come from, you need to identify how much financing your business really needs. So, how do you figure out what yourRead More


Halloween Tricks and Treats for Your Small Business

Halloween is a time to be someone else, voluntarily scare ourselves silly, and have some fun. Why should your small business have to miss out? If you haven’t joined in yet, here are a few tricks and treats to help promote your business for this spooky holiday and also justRead More


6 Back to Work Essentials for Small Businesses

Labor Day is past and summer is officially over. Now, it’s time for everyone to get back to work. Whether you are just starting up or looking to grow, make sure you have these essentials on hand as you get back to work to help your small business run moreRead More


7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

As we guide clients through the 5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment or 10 Steps to Venture Success, we are frequently asked the question, “Do I really need to create a business plan?” The answer is and always will be YES! We said it in our article Fact or Fiction: SmallRead More


Top 10 HR Issues Small Business Owners Should Track

Small business owners possess several advantages in the U.S. business climate, including their ability to more quickly and easily change human resource practices and policies. This is important because as technology changes and the government rolls out new regulations, businesses need to adapt quickly. The smaller, simpler structure of smallRead More

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7 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

  A challenge every small business owner must face as an employer is employee engagement. Building an environment where your employees feel engaged is important to a number of factors including productivity, turnover, and even health. In fact, in a recent Gallup study it was found that businesses with highRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | What do we need to do to start our small business?

Dear Dr. Deborah: My friend and I were talking the other day and decided we have a great business idea. The trouble is, neither of us have ever been in business before. We have no idea where to begin. What do we need to do to start our small business?Read More


Getting Ready for National Small Business Week

May 1st is the start of the 53rd annual National Small Business Week! Every year since 1963, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has hosted this week-long celebration, highlighting the hard work of small business owners and entrepreneurs and the impact they have on our country. Why is it importantRead More