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5 Ways to Tell Self-Employment is Right for You

How can you tell if self-employment is the right career for you? Most think that in order to be self-employed you need to be prepared for a career that requires hard work, long hours, high risk, and uncertainty about the future. While there are also positives, these perceived negatives scareRead More

How to Determine if Self-Employment is Right for You

Millennials who want more freedom and control over their careers; Baby Boomers not quite ready to retire; Gen Xers looking for a career change; for these individuals, self-employment may be a great option! It can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career path to follow, but self-employment is not asRead More

Get Your Own Business Started Right With Two Free Online Self-Learning Programs

As more and more workers are looking to self-employment or starting their own business as their primary (and sometimes only) employment option, what do they have to do to succeed? The old answer of “Write a business plan” is not sufficient. In fact, it is typically a show-stopper for most.Read More

Getting to Know Your 5 Step Program to Successful Self-Employment

5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment, Starting and Succeeding in Your Own Business, is geared to developing a self-employment part-time or full time business. Each of these Steps is critical to the start-up and operational stages:

Business Success Starts with Why |

While success in business is ultimately about satisfying a market need or want at a profit, ensuring success begins first with assessing why to go into business before defining what you’ll sell. Why Start a Business? People go into business for many reasons. It is important to know what your reasons are and toRead More