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Why Print Marketing Is (and always will be) Essential

You may not realize, but print marketing is an essential component of your small business marketing strategy. Though some consider it outdated and old fashioned, almost every business uses some level of print marketing to establish their brand and build awareness. Don’t believe it? Here are a few reasons whyRead More

5 Solutions for a Happier, Healthier Employee

It’s difficult to have a healthy business with unhealthy or unhappy employees. Several studies have shown that overall employee wellness can have a major impact on productivity and the bottom line. In a small business this is especially important because each individual plays a bigger role in the bottom line.Read More

5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed This Summer

Summer can be a slow time for many small businesses with their potential customers involved in a wide range of summer activities, but this doesn’t have to be so. One of the goals of every business all year round is to get noticed. It’s the reason we see ads andRead More

Self Employment: Trends, Tips, & Solutions

For a variety of reasons, America’s workforce is becoming more and more self-employed. This includes the usual categories such as freelancers, consultants, subcontract workers, and temps. What’s new, however, is the types of work and businesses being formed. For example, freelancers in the past tended to represent mainly journalists, graphicRead More

Self-Employment Guide to Marketing |

You’re newly self-employed and have all of your ducks in a row—that is, until you think about marketing your business. You want to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers in an effective way without breaking the bank. You also know that you’ll need to do all of theRead More

‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Marketing Opportunities |

The winter holiday season offers many opportunities from sharing good times with friends and family to playing in the snow on the ski slopes and skating on the ice in Central Park. The season also offers many small businesses rich marketing opportunities for reaching out to customers, suppliers and employeesRead More

It’s Time to Give Thanks! | Tips for Using Business Greeting Cards

Ever wonder, “How can I set my business apart from the competition?” The answer is simple. Greeting cards! But, not just any greeting cards… All too often, businesses send greeting cards during the holidays in the hopes of appearing unique and different from the competition. Unfortunately, this plan often does notRead More

Making Your Mark in Business |

One of the ideal goals of any business is to be the first name that comes to mind when a prospective buyer is looking for what you have to offer. While using a bookmark to build brand awareness in this regard, may seem best left to booksellers, there are certainRead More