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Veterans, Federal Contracting, and PTAC

The federal government, along with state and local governments, purchases goods and services worth literally trillions of dollars. While much of this contracting goes to large providers, allocating a certain portion of all purchasing has been made a priority for specialized groups within the society including veterans, women, racial minoritiesRead More

5 Solutions for Optimizing Outsourced Results

There are some really great tools and resources available that can significantly improve the efficiency and profitability for any company, but particularly for smaller companies where it is impossible to have specialists available to cover each functional area. Outsourced solutions, including options like sub-contractors and freelance providers, can represent aRead More

Avoiding HR Disasters |

Having employees can be detrimental to the health of your business. An ongoing proliferation of laws and regulations, along with an increasingly litigious environment can easily place smaller businesses at risk. 1) Why not larger businesses? Most simply, because larger companies typically have an HR department headed and staffed byRead More

Small Business Champions Spotlight | XcelHR and Ted Winglass

Ted Winglass is no stranger to small business. As President of XcelHR, a human resources (HR) services company, Ted has been helping small businesses for over two decades. Specializing in PEO, ASO, and HR outsourcing services, XcelHR helps businesses to streamline HR management practices in a variety of ways.

The Yin and the Yang of Government Contracting |

Getting a share of the $500+ billion in federal government contract spending is a dream for many small businesses, and is reinforced by numerous set-aside programs mandating that certain percentages of federal spending are awarded to small business firms. Becoming qualified / certified and actually applying for a contract canRead More

Small Business Champion | Dr. Deborah Osgood

Recently, Dr. Deborah Osgood of the Knowledge Institute for Small Business Development (KISBD), traveled across Northern Montana training and educating Native Americans on tribal reservations on starting and growing small and entrepreneurial ventures. The main focus of her four-day workshop was Government Contracting and the promotion of PEO services, suchRead More

What is a PEO & Why Should I Care?

Today’s business environment is complex; full of risk and uncertainty. One particularly ‘risky’ area involves the management of humans—more specifically Human Resources (HR). When a business hires employees, the small business owner now becomes responsible for those individuals, and all of the risks inherent in employing them! So, how canRead More

6 Great Reasons to Outsource HR |

For many business owners, managing human resources is the most challenging aspect of running a business. It is not so much about having a misanthropic personality as it is about having a limited capacity to respond to the unpredictable nature of a human being. As human beings, we are complex. WeRead More