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Money & Business: How much, where, & why?

Businesses need money like people need water. Though over 80% of businesses start and grow without outside funding, just about everyone considers borrowing money at some point. As the adage goes, “You have to spend money to make money,” and if it’s someone else’s money that you’re spending, you wantRead More


Women & Money: 4 Habits for Mastering the Game

“I don’t need to make a lot of money – just enough to take care of my family.” “There’s no need to negotiate – I accept your offer.” “I don’t need to be greedy.” These are common things women say about money and, from the perspective of running a business,Read More

Earned Income: How much is just right?

As the saying goes, “money makes the world go around!” Fortunately, or unfortunately, there is a lot of truth behind this statement. We need money for basics such as food, shelter and clothing, and then, as we advance up Maslow’s Hierarchy, for additional comforts such as heath care, a niceRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | Should I borrow from friends or family?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I want to start my own cleaning business. I have some money saved up, but not quite enough to cover everything I need. My best friend offered to lend me some money to help get my business started. However, I’m not sure if I should accept. IRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | What can I do to save money?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I am a self-employed artist. I sell my work mostly in galleries and online and occasionally at fairs and art shows. I noticed recently that my profit margins were smaller because my expenses had been increasing. While not detrimental, I’d still like to see my overall expensesRead More