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Ask Dr Deborah(2)

Ask Dr. Deborah | Lost in Marketing

Dear Dr. Deborah, I’m getting ready to start my own business and am about half way through my business plan. However, I’ve hit a wall with my marketing strategy. I don’t have any experience here and I have no idea where I should start. Do you have any advice forRead More

Ask Dr Deborah(2)

Ask Dr. Deborah | How can I drive traffic to my store?

Q: Dear Dr. Deborah, A few months ago I was finally able to move my bakery business out of my kitchen and into a shop downtown, but my storefront isn’t located on the main road and I’m not getting much foot traffic. It’s taken me a long time to saveRead More

Ask Dr Deborah(2)

Ask Dr. Deborah | What are some affordable marketing techniques?

Dear Dr. Deborah: I’m starting my own professional cleaning business. My focus will be mostly on residential homes, but I will also do commercial spaces as well. I am self-employed and run my business primarily out of my home. Starting out I have a very limited marketing budget, so mostRead More


6 Unique Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

All small businesses are faced with the challenge of competing with big corporate chains, especially during the holidays. Even with Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small movement, it can be hard to compete with big businesses who can afford to spend millions on holiday marketing. To gain an advantage,Read More

Ask Dr. Deborah | How do I build awareness for my business?

Q: Dear Dr. Deborah, For years I’ve been making my own lotions, shampoos, and other similar products for my personal use and as gifts. After much encouragement from friends and family, I’ve decided turn this hobby into a business. My biggest concern though is not making any sales because noRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | How do I deal with local construction as a business owner?

Dear Dr. Deborah, My town began a large construction project last month to repave the downtown area. Several businesses, including my own, are located right in the middle of this construction. With roads being closed off and construction equipment constantly around in the height of summer, I’ve already started toRead More

consumer generated marketing

How Consumer Generated Marketing Can Be Your Greatest Tool

One of the best marketing tools small business owners have access to is their own customers. Businesses large and small are taking advantage of consumer generated marketing, a strategy where a business invites consumers to share their input and ideas with the company. Not only does this type of campaignRead More

marketing strategy

Tips for Refreshing Your Summer Marketing Strategy

We are now half-way through summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to refresh your summer marketing strategy! Most businesses plan their summer marketing campaigns well before the warm weather hits. However, it’s always smart to evaluate your progress, ramp up your strategy, and change things up if needed. EvenRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | How can we make our summer promotions stand out?

Q: Dear Dr. Deborah: My husband and I just moved our business from a stand-alone shop downtown to a larger facility in a strip mall just down the street. The move has been great so far, except I worry about the upcoming summer months. We are now surrounded by otherRead More

email marketing

How to Design a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Despite what many predicted, email marketing has continued to remain one of the most effective methods of reaching customers. With the onset of texting and smartphones, many thought the days of email, and email marketing for that matter, where limited. However, it still remains one of the most successful channelsRead More