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4 Things You Must Do Before Making Your First Hire

Congratulations! Business is going great and it is now time to move beyond being a one-person-show and hire your first employee. While this means learning a whole new aspect to operating your business, if does not have to be difficult. Further, if your goal is to grow, the good newsRead More

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Ask Dr. Deborah | How do I know if it’s time to hire employees?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I’m not sure if I need to hire my first employee or not. Some days it seems like I have things under control, and other times I feel completely overwhelmed with work. How do I know if hiring someone is the right move? –  Lexi, FL HiRead More

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6 Steps to Hiring Right Every Time

Hiring new employees can be one of the most time-consuming and costly activities in business. On average, it costs a small business over $3,500 to make just one hire. Perhaps more surprisingly, nearly 7 out of 10 small businesses suffer from making poor hiring choices. This contributes to employee turnoverRead More