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4 Tips to More Ka’ Ching! in Business

. . .and other ways to maximize cash flow There’s a lot to keep in mind when running a profitable business – namely marketing and delivering great products and services. Sometimes this leaves little time for staying ahead of cash flow demands.

The Amazing Value of Budget Deviation Analysis |

Budget deviation analysis – sound boring? Think again! What if you could instantly identify exactly why you didn’t make as much profit as you had planned? What if you could avoid a problem that had the potential to hurt your business and cost you a lot of money? The answer?Read More

The Importance of Cash Flow |

Cash flow for a small business is more important that profit. Analysis of small business successes and failures shows that the small business that focuses on cash flow rather than profit lasts longer, and is more profitable in the long run. For financing purposes, cash flow analysis is more importantRead More

Improving Expense Control

At the heart of any for-profit business venture is making a profit. Achieving this means that you must spend less than you sell. While this is easily stated, it is not so easily accomplished. Running a business is a complex undertaking. There are the obvious expenses that are directly associatedRead More