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7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

As we guide clients through the 5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment or 10 Steps to Venture Success, we are frequently asked the question, “Do I really need to create a business plan?” The answer is and always will be YES! We said it in our article Fact or Fiction: SmallRead More

Are You Ready to Run a Business?

You’ve come up with a fantastic idea and now you’re thinking, “I should start my own business!” Congrats! As you get ready to launch though, step carefully. Running a business is a big commitment – bigger than many realize – and missteps early on could lead you to a quickRead More

Beginners Guide to the Small Business Strategic Plan

If you were to head out on a road trip without a map, you would likely get lost, especially if you’re driving through unknown territory. Well, the same goes for when you are starting a business. You need your road map to help you figure out where you are goingRead More

Free Business Development Resources for Veterans

Upon returning from active duty, finding employment is a challenge many veterans face for a variety of reasons such as the mis-alignment of military job classification codes with civilian job opportunities, PTSD and other service disorders, or simply finding a position that excites and challenges them. For many the solution liesRead More

Get Your Own Business Started Right With Two Free Online Self-Learning Programs

As more and more workers are looking to self-employment or starting their own business as their primary (and sometimes only) employment option, what do they have to do to succeed? The old answer of “Write a business plan” is not sufficient. In fact, it is typically a show-stopper for most.Read More

Getting to Know Your 10 Step Program to Venture Success

The 10 Steps to Venture Success is an online self-service interactive training program that provides a through step-by-step framework to help participants develop the business skills, knowledge and support network for successfully launching their own business venture. Each of the Steps is critical to the start-up and operational stages:

It’s Not About the Plan, It’s About the Strategy |

When starting a business, you will find literally thousands of business planning tools that will help you create a business plan, often by simply entering information into a template. However, the business plan is only one piece of a much larger and more important planning process. Just because you haveRead More