How to Set Resolutions You Will Actually Achieve


Every year we make resolutions and goals to improve our heath, wealth and, for the self-employed, our businesses. We start these goals with excitement and the best of intentions. However as the year progresses, that energy sometimes begins to dwindle and eventually other obligations push our resolutions off to the side.

This is a story most are familiar with, but if you want to achieve personal and professional progress you need to change it starting today. This year, make your first resolution to actually reach those goals you set for yourself and your business. While this may seem easier said than done, it just takes a little bit of strategic thinking.

When it comes to setting goals, you need to learn to master the art of being ambitious without being unrealistic. One reason people give up on resolutions is because they were set too high in the first place. When you set your goals, make sure you have the means to actually reach them. This becomes especially important in business as you create your plans and your budget for the next year.  For example, imagine if you set a goal to earn $100,000 in sales each month. With that flow of revenue, you plan to expand your business. If you don’t have a strategy or even the resources to achieve this monthly sales goal, then your plans for the year may become derailed and cash flow issues may start to arise quickly. To avoid this outcome, don’t just set a goal or resolution. Instead create a plan with realistic milestones that will serve as stepping stones to reaching your overall goal. These smaller steps will keep you motivated and may even make your most ambitious goals realistically attainable.

Another important part of actually accomplishing goals is holding yourself accountable. When you do this, it makes it less likely that you will let them slide. As soon as you set a goal for yourself, write it down and hang it up somewhere visible. The daily reminder of seeing your goals will make it harder to make excuses for not accomplishing them.

Don’t let this be another year where your resolutions fall to the wayside. Empower yourself to continue to work towards your goals not just today but three, six, and twelve months from now. Remember if you can think it, and truly want it, you can learn it, and truly live it.


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