When you learn you earn!

And in our workshops there is no shortage of knowledge.

No matter what your path, we all face obstacles. During a KISBD Workshop, attendees will walk away feeling empowered to take on the world by arming them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers and in life. Using an interactive approach, participants get the chance to practice what they learn then and there, share it with their peers, and receive valuable feedback that they can use to improve their lives going forward.

Whether it’s personal, professional, or business related we can design a workshop for it. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our previous workshop topics:

workshops-reality1Challenging Reality

Get ready to challenge how you view money, relationships, goals, and more. In this workshop you will learn how we form biases and perceptions based on past experiences and knowledge. Then you will be given the tools you need to take control and change those perceptions to create a more positive mindset to breed success.

workshops-focusGet Optimized: 6 Steps to Career & Life Focus

Your career should reflect what you love to do. In this workshop you will discover your career and life path by going step-by-step through your own inherent interests, strengths, and personal goals and align them with career opportunities. Through this self-directed experience, you will come away with a plan that leads to a more successful, meaningful, and rewarding life.

workshops-trailblazeWomen and Wealth: Blazing a Trail to Success!

Success in business – and in life – is about making and keeping more money than you spend. At the same time, there’s a psychology to money that plays an influential role in how we choose to view it, use it and save it. We call this your money operating system. If you’re not fully in control of it, it can be controlling you. In this workshop you’ll discover six principals for blazing your own trail to financial success.

workshops-idea1Giving Your Ideas Life

Sometimes you just need a sounding board. In this workshop, participants will be fully engaged in the conversation. You will get the chance to share your thoughts, ideas, and challenges with the group, who respond with positive feedback and solutions. Our expert will take the back seat, moderating the conversation and letting the participants speak, while offering sound advice and power tools you can use to resolve issues and make progress.


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