Individual Coaching Services: 2 Steps to Career Focus

Career Focus

Choose a Career Focus That’s Right for You

This coaching service is all about helping you to focus on just the right career opportunity for you. This could be self-employment, becoming an independent contractor, landing a fulfilling job, or any combination of these. The value of participating in this coaching service is knowing at your very core that what you are choosing to pursue for a career is right for you.

This is a great choice if you are…

  • A high school student thinking about what to focus on for college
  • A college student looking to narrow in on a career choice
  • A woman experiencing a transitional shift in life
  • A man changing career paths
  • Are unemployed and need to make a choice soon to generate income
  • Are considering launching a business for the first time

By signing up for this coaching service, you will…

  • Identify 10 to 15 specific strengths that are unique to you
  • Align these strengths with multiple, valid and compelling career opportunities
  • Understand what your options are for generating income short-term and long-term
  • Define what constitutes success for you, both in terms of income and quality of life
  • Understand what your options are for acting upon your choices to progress with your career

Coaching Curriculum

Step 1: Who am I?
This 2-hour coaching session provides a platform for identifying your natural strengths, interests and enthusiasm level for different career paths. Your career focus may be traditional employment, self-employment or a combination of both. This is a hands-on process of self-assessment that utilizes interactive exercises to enhance awareness regarding personal preferences and valid career paths. The agenda is flexible based on your interests and needs, and covers the following topics:

Who Am I

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What are my options?
  • What do I value?
  • Where am I at?
  • How does all this fit with real world opportunities?

As a result of participating in this coaching session you will know what your career focus is, why it is right for you and what to do about it.

Step 2: Where do I begin?
This 1-hour coaching session builds upon your progress in Step 1 by compiling and enhancing a detailed blueprint of your career profile. The process is hands-on and includes:

Where do I begin

  • Documenting your unique assets that align with your specific career opportunities
  • Identifying a path for building upon your career choices
  • Introducing available resources specific to supporting your progress
  • Providing tools to help you build a foundation from which to begin your new journey
  • Having a tangible and meaningful process for tracking and celebrating your success along the way!

As a result of participating in this coaching session you will be empowered to act upon your chosen career path with increased confidence and a solid plan of action.

Coaching Materials & Processes

The above coaching services include the use of interactive exercises, worksheets and some outside research specific to your career interests and objectives. Step 2 is supplemented with a detailed report compiled by your coach that encompasses a summary of what was discussed in Step 1 and proposed action items for supporting your success when implementing Step 2 going forward.


The prerequisite for this coaching service is a desire to advance beyond where you are currently and a willingness to do what it takes to get there.

Coaching Fees

You may sign up for the 2 Steps to Career Focus à la carte or as a complete coaching package.

Package/Course Payment Description Availability Price
2 Steps to Career Focus By appointment $475.00 USD (Save $50 over à la carte)
à la carte/Course Payment Description Availability Price
Career Focus: Step 1, Who am I? By appointment $295.00 USD
Career Focus: Step 2, Where do I begin? By appointment $230.00 USD


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