Corporate B2B Marketing Services

img_services-pageDrive increased brand awareness and referrals across the U.S. through  targeted content, nationally recognized influence, and exclusive positioning within America’s Small Business Champions Network.

As nationally recognized experts in small business development and influence, KISBD offers a suite of strategic marketing services to clients looking to increase B2B sales to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Choose from three levels of professional marketing services…

I. Network Marketing Services |

…an integrated on-line/off-line business development strategy:

On an invitation basis, select providers of high quality B2B products and services are positioned as exclusive industry experts in America’s Small Business Champion’s Network (Network). The Network represents a proprietary closed community of government and public small business assistance agencies and influencers working together to promote small business start-up and growth.

With over 30,000 agency representatives, 100,000 programs and multiple communication channels, the Network represents a targeted SMB ecosystem of over 7.5 million participants that are facilitating over 2.5 million B2B connections each month.

For qualifying clients, KISBD Network Marketing Services include:

  • A Kick-Off-Meeting (KOM) with your marketing team to mutually conclude the Network marketing message and distribution strategy
  • A multi-page Learning Series (custom content w/links) tailored to enhancing your brand awareness and SMB engagement
  • Promotional branding as a Champion of Small Business and approved Network Member
  • Featured blogs highlighting the value of your offerings
  • Monthly Newsletter content showcasing timely offerings and events
  • Routine Influencer Marketing Services (See section II below)
  • Validating your ROI via Monthly Performance Reports on the frequency, targeted audience reach and engagement of collective marketing service activities

II. Influencer Marketing Services | 

…leveraging influence to engage and increase sales:

Over 70% of business-to-business purchasing decisions are made before the buyer contacts you (Source: Sirius Decisions)!

Get in the conversation by leveraging KISBD talent, reputation, reach and influence to promote your brand and offerings across highly targeted SMB online and off-line channels:

Routine KISBD Channels

  • Social Media | KISBD LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Pinterest and YouTube channels, as well as U.S. Small Business Administration and other leading SMB forums
  • Publicity | KISBD routine events such as public speaking, guest authors (multimedia articles, blogs, webcasts, interviews, white papers, etc.) SMB boards, committee and panel service, conference and trade show attendance
  • Educational Venues | KISBD led courses, workshops, webcasts, podcasts, lectures and seminars

Client & Custom Channels | On a per project basis as small business subject matter experts (SMEs), scholars and practitioners:

  • Webcasts, Podcasts & Videos
  • Media Tours & Guest Interviews
  • Public Speaking & Workshops

III. Content Marketing Services |

…providing custom content to inform, educate and drive sales:

Help your customers improve performance through value-add content – the stronger their business, the longer their relationship with you! As SMEs on small business start-up and growth, KISBD provides quality content for multiple communication channels and platforms:

  • Articles, blogs and white papers
  • Mobile applications
  • Interactive courseware
  • Educational publications
  • Infographics
  • Other traditional and digital marketing mediums

Contact us to discuss your marketing goals for driving increased brand awareness, engagement and sales among targeted SMB audiences.

Supporting Documents

For more details about B2B buying trends and the role of content and influencer marketing, view 21st Century B2B Marketing, How B2B Buyers Buy (PDF) slide deck.