Youth Pre-Employment Transition Training

5-youth-pre-employment-circleThis training program focuses on helping youth to learning about self-employment as a viable career path, as well as traditional employment, military service and higher education career options. With 40% of America’s workforce already self-employed and a projected increase to 50% by 2020, this training program offers an important complement to any workforce and community development agency that is working with high school aged youth.

This is a great choice if your agency is…

  • Working to comply with WIOA Pre-employment transition services for student with disabilities
  • Offering Vocational Rehabilitation services to high-school aged youth
  • Providing community development services focused on helping youth with career development
  • Looking to enhance high school curriculum to foster innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit

By signing up for this training program, you will provide your staff with…

  • A highly structured process for exposing youth to self-employment as a viable career option
  • Access to a robust network of cost-free government and public business assistance programs
  • Interactive exercises for inspiring youth to develop and test out their own self-employment ideas
  • A proven experiential learning platform for teaching youth how to create their own job

Training Curriculum

Part 1: Self-Employment Approaches
In Part 1 of this training program, staff will be introduced to the self-employment counseling framework. The most important part of this program is helping young individuals explore and discover their passions and goals. Using interactive exercises counselor will guide these individuals as they leverage their own natural skills using the following self-assessment tools:

  • 10 Great Reasons to Be In Business for Yourself
  • 10 Great Reasons to NOT Be In Business for Yourself
  • Common Entrepreneurial Traits
  • Common Mistakes That Lead To Business Failure
  • Entrepreneurial Aptitude Index
  • Self-Assessment Summary

Part 2: Self-Employment Resources

The second half of this program is dedicated to introducing staff to the various self-employment resources they can utilize in their youth programs. There are thousands of tools and resources available that can be leveraged to further the impact of youth pre-employment programs. Resources to be introduced include:

  • America’s Small Business Champions Network
  • Exercise: Career Mapping

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes a Teaching/Counselor’s Guide containing instructions, worksheets and supporting references. Student participation is facilitated either through a workbook or online interactive platform.

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