Navigating Economic Development Resources

6-navigate-circleThis training program focuses on helping staff to navigate a national network of over 30,000 cost-free small business assistance programs available through the U.S. government and nonprofit public agencies across America.

This is a great choice if you are a…

  • Workforce development agency looking to connect your staff with cost-free programs for supporting their self-employment and small business development success
  • Provider of business-to-business goods and services and are looking to inform and/or collaborate with government and public agencies in enhancing small business performance and sustainability
  • Economic development agency looking to learn about sister-agencies in your area and across the country that can complement your efforts in supporting your small business clients
  • Academic institution looking to connect students with resources and people in the community that specialize in driving small business start-up and growth
  • Business trade association or chamber of commerce looking to offer members access to additional cost-free resources for growing their businesses

By signing up for this training program, you will…

  • Discover a robust network of subject matter experts in the area of small business development
  • Leverage scarce organizational resources by collaborating with cost-free public small business assistance programs to help clients succeed
  • Improve awareness of your offerings in ways that build win/win community relationships
  • Improving association benefits in ways that help your business members improve their business performance

Training Curriculum

Part 1: What is Economic Development
In Part 1 of this program will explain what economic development is and who the major players are in your area.
Part 2: Why Should I Care
In Part 2 of this program will introduce some of the major drivers of today’s workforce and explain how they impact your organization and how economic development can help.
Part 3: What to Expect
Part 3 will explain some of the basic organizational factors of the various economic development agencies, so that you can be better prepared to work productively with their staff.
Part 4: Facilitating Win/Win Outcomes
In the final piece of this program, we will introduce how you can connect with economic development agencies and the best approaches to use to foster communication and positive relationships.

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes an Economic Development Resource Guide along with access to an interactive network of small business assistance programs navigable by type of service, type of agency, geography, alphabetical name and key word search.

Tell Me More…

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