Get Optimized

7-get-optimized-training-circleThis training program provides staff with a process for avoiding burnout by minimizing stress and maximizing outcomes in their working with the public. Through a facilitated, self-directed process, staff will be provided with interactive exercises, tools and resources to monitor their wellness over time and utilize ‘power tools’ to overcome challenging situations.

This is a great choice if you…

  • Want to improve staff performance, motivation and programmatic outcomes
  • Seek a long-term approach to maintaining staff productivity
  • Desire enhanced interpersonal relations within and external to the organization
  • Are looking to empower staff with the tools and resources to call upon to avoid burnout

By signing up for this training program, you will…

  • Provide staff with proven tools for self-monitoring and overcoming stress
  • Introduce a long-term solution for minimizing staff burnout and maximizing productivity
  • Empower staff to be more proactive in overcoming interpersonal challenges
  • Facilitate enhanced job satisfaction and personal wellness among staff

Training Curriculum

Part 1: Get Optimized Introduction & Overview
In Part 1 of this training program, staff will receive an overview and introduction to the Get Optimized training, including goals and objectives.
Part 2: Who Am I? Assessment
Part 2 involves interactive exercises designed to help staff members identify key interests and strengths, and interpret outcomes.
Part 3: Leveraging Strengths
In Part 3, staff members will use power tools to identify unique strengths and interests and how they can be used to support productivity.
Part 4: Value Identification
Here, staff members will create a visual LifeMap of their values and goals and how they align with quality of life objectives.
Part 5: Network Building
Part 5 of this training programs introduces staff members to available support networks and techniques for building stronger networks.
Part 6: Action Plan
In Part 6, staff members will work together to create an action strategy for minimizing stress and maximizing outcomes, as well as reviewing the progress made throughout the training program.

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes a Get Optimized guide along with interactive exercises, power tools and related solutions for overcoming challenging situations and building support network to optimize long-term wellness.

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