Facilitative vs. Directive Counseling Techniques

8-faciliatate-circleThis program trains staff in empowering clients to take more of a leadership role in defining their employment and quality of life objectives in ways that lead to purposeful engagement in fulfilling programmatic requirements.

This is a great choice if your agency is…

  • Experiencing challenges in getting Customers to engage and remain engaged in participating in agency employment support services
  • Seeking to enhance staff capacity to empower and engage clients
  • Suffering from high caseload-to-staff ratios
  • Looking to improve client experiences and outcomes
  • Enhance productive case closure rates and performance outcomes

By signing up for this training program, you will…

  • Provide staff with the capacity and tools to empower client purposeful engagement
  • Improve the client experience from start-to-finish in the service lifecycle
  • Minimize client service delivery expenses while maximizing client outcomes
  • Quantify and validate client services ROI

Training Curriculum

Part 1: A Client’s Perspective
In Part 1 of this training program, counselors will learn how to view a case from the client’s perspective and answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” for the client.
Part 2: Framing Client Goals
In Part 2, counselors will learn techniques for guiding their clients to identify their goals based on their own interests and strengths.
Part 3: The Support Network
Here counselors will learn how to introduce clients to additional resources that they can rely on in the future as part of their support network.
Part 4: Implementing the Plan
Part 4 introduces best practices for easing clients into an action plan, giving examples of how to guide and offer support in a facilitative manner.
Part 5: Celebrating Success
Part 5 emphasizes the importance of celebrating success as counselors track and monitor their clients’ progress through a program.
Part 6: Closing the case
In Part 6, counselors will learn best practices for closing a case on a positive note and ensuring strong relationships that can be leveraged as an example of alumni success for future clients.

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes a Staff Guide to Facilitative Counseling along with interactive exercises and resources for facilitating client engagement and desired outcomes.

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