6 Steps to Career Focus

1-6-steps-circleThis training program focuses on helping individuals find their career focus so that they may achieve purposeful and fulfilling lives.  Many individuals today find themselves at an impasse in their careers, either by choice or due to extenuating circumstances. Using a “self” first approach, this program creates a process for mastering who you are, what you want and how to go for it, so that clients may pursue the career of their dreams with confidence.

This is a great choice if your agency…

  • Wants to improve its impact in economic development
  • Is focused on empowering clients to seek better lives for themselves
  • Offers Vocational Rehabilitation services

By signing up for this program, you will provide your staff with…

  • A highly structured process for supporting and guiding clients to pursue meaningful careers
  • Access to a robust network of cost-free government and public business assistance programs
  • Interactive exercises for inspiring individuals to build off their own strengths and interests

Training Curriculum

Step 1: My Strengths
Counselors will learn how to help clients identify possible career paths by aligning their unique personalities and interests with the opportunities available.

Step 2: My Career
Counselors will guide clients as they explore the career opportunities identified in Step 1. Here staff will learn about earning potentials, working conditions, potential for expansion, and more.

Step 3:
My Goals
In this step we will show you how to work with clients to identify four key characteristics that are important to them. These four words will guide your clients as they make choices in their careers, relationships, and overall life.

Step 4: My LifeMap

Here counselors will learn how to use the information identified in the first three steps of this program to create a visual LifeMap. This life map will help clients align their career goals with other aspects of their lives such as where they will live, their family, and their friends.

Step 5:
My Networks
In Step 5, counselors will learn how to help their clients launch their business by introducing opportunities for testing ideas, pursuing goals, and experiencing the life they want.

Step 6:
My Plan
Step 6 demonstrates how clients will tie the previous five steps into an organized, complete action strategy to prioritize and document goals and leverage strengths, interests, future objectives, and support networks.

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes a Teaching/Counselor’s Guide containing instructions, worksheets and supporting references. Student participation is facilitated either through a workbook or online interactive platform.

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