5 Steps to Self-Employment

2-5-steps-circleWith the 5 Steps to Self-Employment your agency can approach workforce development in a whole new way by guiding clients as they launch their own self-employment ventures. Staff will be trained using this step-by-step program designed to help clients develop the knowledge, skills, and network they need to succeed. Using this interactive learning platform, counselors will be able to help clients determine if self-employment is a suitable career choice and if they are truly ready to launch their own business.

This is a great choice if your agency is…

  • Offering Vocational Rehabilitation services
  • Providing community development services focused on supporting career development
  • Enhancing your services to help clients achieve independence

By signing up for this training program, you will provide your staff with…

  • A highly structured process for exposing individuals to self-employment as a viable career option
  • Access to a robust network of cost-free government and public business assistance programs
  • Interactive exercises for inspiring individuals to develop and test out their own self-employment ideas
  • A proven experiential learning platform for teaching individuals how to create their own job

Training Curriculum

Step 1: Self-Assessment

In Step 1, counselors will learn how to determine if a client has the skills and personality suited for running a self-employment venture using a simple self-assessment tool.

Step 2: Business Idea & Market Strategy
Here, counselors will learn how to work with clients to identify a viable business idea and determine if there is a market potential for their idea.

Step 3: Cost & Income Forecasting
Step 3 will train counselors on how to use and implement the interactive forecasting template to be used as clients test the financial viability of their business venture.

Step 4: Business Proposal

In this step, counselors will learn how to guide clients to create a business proposal that proves that viability of their business concept by addressing 9 specific questions in a plug-and-play template.

Step 5: Business Launch & Progress Monitoring

Here, counselors will learn how to determine if their client is ready for the final step of launching a business. They will also learn how to effectively monitor their client’s progress after launch and provide continued support.

Coaching Materials & Processes

This training program includes a Teaching/Counselor’s Guide containing instructions, worksheets and supporting references. Student participation is facilitated either through a workbook or online interactive platform.

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