Science: A New Frontier for Career Exploration


A vital aspect of happiness is to spend your time doing what you love.

This is true for many scientists who can be quite passionate about their field of study. At the same time, however, it can also be challenging to align that passion with the ideal work experience. One way to approach this is to explore a new frontier of career opportunities through project-based work.

Unlike last century, project-based work opportunities are available through staffing agencies like Kelly Services®. Today’s workforce arena offers many different opportunities for scientists thanks to momentum in STEM education and ongoing breakthroughs in technology across multiple industries. Collectively, these factors have created a significant gap between demand for talent and talent supply. By teaming up with a professional staffing agency, you have more choice in terms of who you work for, how you work and where you want your career to be heading.

Rather than taking a permanent position that may turn out to be not so ideal, project-based work offers scientists the following benefits:

  • Explore | The best way to develop your further passion for science is to explore a range of job opportunities. While career opportunities can be numerous, particularly given the number of start-ups popping up, so can be career risks. Contract-based project work allows you to gain experience at different businesses, in different industries, and in different roles for short periods of time. This allows you to assess fit before you commit.
  • Experience | Experience is an important factor when competing for jobs, even in high demand positions. If you are relatively new to the workforce or have only worked for one employer, you may not be as well-positioned to land that new career opportunity as other candidates. Here again, project-based work offers diversity and breadth in experience that adds substance to your resume.
  • Access | When working with a well-established and professional staffing agency, you gain access to job opportunities that may have otherwise, been off the table. An agency like Kelly, for example, has built productive relationships with a wide range of employers large and small and across numerous industries and geographies. Having this reach makes it more likely that you will find your dream job with that dream company who shares your passion.
  • Enjoy | While having your dream job is great, so is having balance between your career and your quality of life. Contract-based project work allows you to find the ideal work-life balance as well. After all, working hard can be rewarding and so can playing hard.

Scientifically, there are two things that all of us as humans have limited access to: time and energy. Your career is going to use up a lot of both. Accordingly, when choosing your ideal career path, contract-based project work opportunities are worth checking out. As one of the largest suppliers of scientific talent in the U.S., Kelly Services can be a great place to start.


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