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Get Optimized! on NH Today with Jack Health | November 8, 2017
Dr. Deborah and Jack Heath talk careers, life, and Get Optimized, Dr. Deborah’s self-guided workbook for helping people find their career focus on her monthly segment.

WGIR - Marc HebertPsychology of Money | Part 2
Dr. Deborah returns the Money $ense on WGIR AM610 to continue her discussion with Marc Hebert on the psychology of money and how it impacts our lives and businesses.

WGIR - Marc HebertDiscussing Transitioning Jobs and Starting A New Business
Dr. Deborah joins Marc Hebert on WGIR’s Money $ense to discuss the growing self-employment workforce in New Hampshire.

13246451_532039443634876_4054564543798963450_oEntrepreneurship in Nigeria
Jack Heath invites Dr. Deborah Osgood and Ibrahim Dan’Iya from the Nigeria National Universities Commission onto WGIR’s New Hampshire Today to discuss a new effort to stimulate entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
Get Optimized! on NH Today with Jack Health | October 18, 2017
Jack Heath invites Dr. Deborah to New Hampshire Today to discuss the growing opportunity to create your own job through self-employment in today’s economy.

WGIR - Marc HebertPsychology of Money and Transitioning Jobs | Part 1
Marc Hebert invites Dr. Deborah to Money $ense to discuss the psychology of money and how we can change our reality by taking control and challenging our perceptions.

Self-employed jobs make up 30% of US marketwmur-11-16
Dr. Deborah Osgood joins WMUR’s, Fred Kocher on New Hampshire’s Business to discuss the growing trend of self-employment in New Hampshire.

img_ls_incorporateHow Will Businesses Plan for and Motivate the Growing Contingent Workforce? (podcast)
The workforce landscape is changing and with it come new opportunities and challenges for recruiting, motivating, and retaining access to qualified talent.


WEB_Deb-Osgood-ef7694c7‘Conspiracy theory’ marketing
Dr. Deborah explains the science behind conspiracy theory and how it relates to decision making and marketing in business in an article published by New Hampshire Business Review.

WEB_Deb-Osgood-ef7694c7Knowledge Institute CEO Deborah Osgood
In an interview with NHBR editor, Jeff Feingold, Dr. Deborah Osgood discusses the impact of self-employment on the future of at-risk youth and the workforce as a whole.

NHBR-NERKCNigerian government turns to Exeter company to help put Nigerians to work
The NH Union Leader highlights the collaboration between KISBD and the Nigerian government to build a program that will improve education and encourage entrepreneurial development in Nigerian.
NHBR-NigeriaNigerian entrepreneurship effort relies on N.H. assistance
Exeter-based Knowledge Institute’s online tools and mentorship program are being used to build a small business backbone in the African nation
Business speaker: Women need to reprogram themselves on money
Chico Enterprise-Record highlight’s Dr. Deborah’s presentation on how women can succeed by changing how they view money at the Butte College SBDC’s annual Women in Business Conference.
5-67Knowledge Knows No Boundaries
Tammy Boucher with Seacoast Online highlights the collaboration between KISBD and the Nigerian government to build a program that will improve education and encourage entrepreneurial development in Nigerian.
NHBR-NHVRSuccess: overcoming hurdles
NH Vocational Rehabilitation has helped over 100 people with disabilities pursue self-employment.
Insureon ArticleSuccess in Business Is a Science; Enjoying It Is an Art
Dr. Deborah Osgood offers tips for developing a successful small tech business. Check out her advice on how to create a business you love and that supports you.

SME Small Business Training

img_ls_downturnAn Overview: SME Small Business Training
Dr. Wililiam Osgood provides an introduction to Buzgate and the SME Toolkit.

img_ls_incorporateHow Do I Finance My Business?
There are many ways to finance both the start-up and growth of your business. For start-ups, the most common funding sources include personal credit, family and friends.

img_ls_incorporateDo I need to register or trademark the name of my business?
If you are doing business under any name but your own, you are required to register with the Secretary of State. This requirement enables people to identify who is operating a particular business.

img_ls_incorporateHow do I avoid business burnout?
Running your own business is demanding, dynamic and often unpredictable making it easy to experience burnout repeatedly and often.

img_ls_incorporateWhat type of bookkeeping/accounting system do I need?
Using a reliable bookkeeping and accounting system in your business is key to supporting profitability as well as remaining compliant with reporting requirements such as those imposed by the IRS.
img_ls_incorporateHow do I manage business credit?
Business credit involves the strategic management of business charge and credit card services.

img_ls_downturnHow can I survive an economic downturn?
When unpredictable swings in the economy occur that have a negative effect on your business, there are a number of ways you can productively respond.

img_ls_incorporateShould I Incorporate My Business?
There are several forms of business organizations to choose from when deciding whether to incorporate your business or not.

img_ls_incorporateHow can I build my business support networks?
Many of us have been told since early on in life that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” that matters. This holds particularly true in business for several reasons.