Perfect Gifts For Self-Employed Business Owners

perfect gift self-employed

One of the trickiest parts of gift shopping is finding that perfect gift that someone will not only love but actually use. Some people are easier than others, but there always seems to be that one person you just can’t find the right gift for. Your best bet when this happens is to focus on their interests. If you’re shopping for someone who is self-employed, consider what their day is like and what you can give them that will help. Here’s our list of some perfect gift options the self-employed business owner in your life is sure to love:

Day Planner | Day planners are a godsend for many self-employed business owners which is what makes them a perfect gift. There is so much to do when running a business. It’s important to be able to keep track of the various deadlines and appointments. You can go with a more traditional notebook planner, or for the more tech-friendly entrepreneurs, you can purchase an app subscription or a smart notebook. Either way, this simple gift can be greatly appreciated.

Staples Gift Card | As business owners, we are constantly re-stocking office supplies, and they add up quicker than you think. Computer paper, pens, notepads, organizers, and pricey printer ink cartridges – the list goes on. It’s nice to know that these purchases will cost a little less next month thanks to a gift card from family or friends.

An External Hard Drive | When you’re self-employed, the idea of your computer crashing is terrifying. Not only are there personal pictures and files on our computers, but contracts, legal documents, invoices, and much more. External hard drives are the perfect way to safely back up all files and a great gift that provides some peace of mind.

Activity Tracker | When you’re wrapped up in managing a business, remembering to get up and stay active can be a challenge. But staying healthy is important to being self-employed! Activity trackers are the perfect gift for individuals who want to try to be more active during the day so that they live a healthier and more well-balanced lifestyle.

Coffee & Tea Essentials | Every entrepreneur needs their morning caffeine fix! Or at least most of us do. There are lots of fun ways to give coffee or tea related presents. You could buy their favorite flavor, give a gift card, find a quirky mug that perfectly fits their personality, or get them that new French press or tea kettle they’ve been waiting for!

“Things To Do” Groupon Deals | If you’re looking for something interesting and fun to give, the Groupon “Things To Do” category is a great place to look. You can find Paint Nite deals, rock climbing, massages, spa treatments, and more. The gift of a day off for some fun and relaxation with those close to you is something anyone can enjoy.

Don’t waste money on a throwaway gift. Get something your friend or family member will actually enjoy. This list is sure to help you find that perfect gift, and if you’re self-employed yourself, share this article to drop some helpful hints.

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