Why You Need Coffee Breaks

Coffee break

The idea of the coffee break has been around for many years. It can have many different forms – cigarette breaks, water breaks, etc. – but the idea is that you take a brief amount of time to step back from what you are doing. While some may view this as lazy or inefficient, it can actually be essential to working productively.

Whether you actually drink coffee or not, the idea behind the coffee break can still be beneficial and help you work more productively. Here are a few ways taking short breaks can positively affect your work:

  • Get up and move | Most jobs today involve sitting for extended periods of time. Ergonomics has proved that this is exceptionally bad for an individual’s well-being. While there are many ergonomic friendly equipment and furniture options, there’s nothing better than getting up and moving around.
  • Rest your mind | A trait we’ve seen among many small business owners is the ability to power through tasks for long periods of time. While this is a great accomplishment, you don’t always want to jump from task to task with the same mental energy level. Doing so continually is mentally exhausting. Instead, every once in a while take a break between projects to give your mind a rest.
  • Re-gain your focus | Similar to giving your mind a rest, you also want to give yourself time to refocus between tasks. Many on our team find that when they move from one task to another, their minds are still somewhat focused on the previous task. To ensure that your attention is completely directed to your current work, take a few minutes after you finish a project to evaluate what you have just accomplished, take a break, and then refocus on the new project.

Everyone has different interpretations of the coffee break. Some like to work for several hours and take one long break. Some like to divide up their time with smaller more frequent breaks. However you choose to work, make sure you create a balanced schedule. Too many coffee breaks can actually have a negative impact on your productivity, and too few could cause you to burnout faster. If we want to create healthy businesses, we need to first make sure we have healthy minds and bodies.


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