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Dr Deb Banner 1-17 V2 Author, trainer, speaker, coach and U.S. SBA Small Business Champion, Deborah Osgood has been referred to as the “Oprah of small business development” by IBM, and a “pioneer in transformative learning” by Tufts University.

40.4% of Americans are self-employed today and this number continues to grow. Youth unemployment is at crisis levels on a global scale. To remain competitive individually and globally, we need to empower more individuals to discover and leverage their passion and strength to innovate, create their own job and succeed as entrepreneurs. This means focusing both on the art of mastering “self” and the science of succeeding in “employment”.

Whether you are a workforce, economic, or community development agency, special interest group or individual, we welcome an opportunity to work together to drive innovation and enhance America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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img-feature-agencyAgency Training
Providing workforce, economic and community development agencies with plug-and=play counseling strategies for advancing staff impact and client outcomes in self-employment
img-feature-corpContent Development
Partnering with select clients to create engaging content through e-books, interactive guides, mobile apps, social media, blogs, and more.

img-feature-individualIndividual Coaching
Focus, start, grow, and succeed in your career while also meeting quality of life objectives.
microphone-34097Public Speaking
Empowering audiences at conferences, corporate meetings, agency trade shows, workshops, and special events.

media tourOn Site Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Building client awareness and value-add positioning through media tours, webcasts, podcasts, guest interviews, and more.
workshopsWorkshops and Teaching
Facilitating experiential learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the classroom, online, and conference breakout sessions.

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Let’s stay in touch! What are your self-employment objectives? Do they align with your quality of life goals? Connect and share your experiences and interest with me!

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Professional Biographyfounders-2
A scholar and practitioner in the field of entrepreneurship with a Doctor of Arts in Transformational Leadership...
Self-learning and teaching guides to support career focus, self-employment, and entrepreneurial growth...

awards-2Awards & Recognition
U.S. SBA Small Business Champion, U.S. Department of State America/Iraqi Business Mentor, Self-Made Person of the Year...
success_stories-2Success Stories
America's SBDC, U.S. Dept. of Education, Microsoft, ADP, Kelly Services, American Express OPEN, Verizon, Bank of America...