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Why You Should “Play Business” Before Business Planning

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business or taken a business course, than you’ve probably learned something about business planning. Since the start of just about any form of commerce, the business plan has been an essential first step. However, not so much today – particularly when itRead More


How to Set Resolutions You Will Actually Achieve

Every year we make resolutions and goals to improve our heath, wealth and, for the self-employed, our businesses. We start these goals with excitement and the best of intentions. However as the year progresses, that energy sometimes begins to dwindle and eventually other obligations push our resolutions off to theRead More


Why Every Business Needs a SWOT Analysis

Per tradition, we like to kick off a new period with a SWOT analysis as we consider our goals and look for new opportunities where we can expand our reach. While some may find this task tedious or feel they don’t have time for it, we always try to emphasizeRead More


Tips For Your Year-End Budget Deviation Analysis

Conducting an end-of-year Budget Deviation Analysis is a must for every small and self-employed business owner. In it, you compare how your business actually performed relative to how you had forecast it would perform. Going through this process, not just at the end of the fiscal year, but also eachRead More

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7 Metrics to Check in Your Year-End Review

One of the best things about owning and running your own small business is that you get to go to a job you love and care about every day. While it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, it’s not always fun and games. If you wantRead More


How to Plan for the Holidays as a Business Owner

Mini lights, balsam firs, miles of wrapping paper – It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is a big event, not just for families and friends, but also for businesses, especially those in retail. As cheerful as they seems, the holidays can also be a bit stressful. If youRead More


5 Ways to Refresh Your Small Business Marketing

In today’s world of Vines, tweets, and hashtags, marketing trends come and go faster than you can blink. The result – marketing campaigns can become stale quickly; which is why every once in a while you should refresh your small business marketing campaign. New, clever ideas and designs could beRead More


Cleaning Out the Cobwebs in Your Small Business

Spring is here and that means it’s time for our annual routine of cleaning out the cobwebs built up over the winter. While most people focus on cleaning up their homes, now is also the perfect time to take a good look at your business and see what you couldRead More

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Planning for Success in the New Year

2015 is over, and hopefully it was a good year for your business. Now that the New Year is here, it’s time for new goals, new strategies, and new success stories. Every business, big or small, successful or struggling, has one common goal: to perform even better than the previousRead More

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How to Make 2016 the Year of Opportunities

As you begin to create your new plan on how to make 2016 a successful year, consider what opportunities are knocking on your door. The folly of many as they make their New Year’s resolutions, is that they often wait around for good things to come their way. In orderRead More