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How to Set Your Self-Employment Salary

One of the reasons many people choose self-employment is because they want a better quality of life. This may include more flexibility in when they work, more control over what they do for work, and more enjoyment in life in general. Whatever the reasons, one of the main ingredients toRead More

Ask Dr Deborah(2)

Ask Dr. Deborah | How do I know if it’s time to hire employees?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I’m not sure if I need to hire my first employee or not. Some days it seems like I have things under control, and other times I feel completely overwhelmed with work. How do I know if hiring someone is the right move? –  Lexi, FL HiRead More


6 Great Reasons to Outsource HR

  If you haven’t considered outsourcing your small business’s Human Resources (HR) function, you may want to. There are few business owners we know that enjoy managing their own HR department. This is not because they dislike people. In fact, most of them love their staff. The challenge is complyingRead More


Tis the Season for Temporary Workers

Black Friday is just around the corner and right behind it is Christmas and New Years. For many businesses the fourth quarter of the year is one of the busiest and most challenging. Retailers have the seasonal rush, employees are taking time off for vacations before, during, and after theRead More

background check

Caveat Emptor: The Importance of Background Checks When Hiring

Caveat Emptor is a Latin term that means, “let the buyer beware.” This means that the buyer assumes the risk that a product or service may not turn out to be all that it was represented. Thankfully, there are laws and consumer protection options available to us when this happens.Read More

final rule

How the Final Rule Overtime Laws Impact Your Small Business

On May 18th, the U.S. government announced the Department of Labor’s Final Rule on overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. While the legal teams of big corporations immediately jumped into action to adjust to the new regulations, many small business owners remain confused about how this ruling willRead More

Ask Dr Deborah(2)

Ask Dr. Deborah | What are your suggestions for first time employers?

Q: Dear Dr. Deborah, I’ve run my business on my own for 5 years now. In the past, I’ve had to miss out on many family vacations and events. However, I just sent my youngest off to college and it’s now more important than ever that I make time toRead More


Top 10 HR Issues Small Business Owners Should Track

Small business owners possess several advantages in the U.S. business climate, including their ability to more quickly and easily change human resource practices and policies. This is important because as technology changes and the government rolls out new regulations, businesses need to adapt quickly. The smaller, simpler structure of smallRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | Do I need an employee handbook?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I run my own marketing consulting business. I’m doing fairly well for myself, but I’ve reached a plateau in my business where I can’t take on any more clients simply because I don’t have the time! To solve this problem, I’ve decided to hire an assistant toRead More

employee retention

Employee Retention | Let’s talk benefits

One of the biggest concerns for businesses today is employee retention. Gone are the days when you would graduate from college and work at the same place for 40 years. Job hopping is now the new normal with workers only remaining at a job for an average of 4.4 years.Read More