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How Entrepreneurship is About Self-Motivation

Almost every morning, our CEO, Dr. Deborah wakes up at dawn, throws on her sneakers, and goes for a run. Though some days, getting out of bed is harder than others, she motivates herself to get up and get running because she is dedicated to starting her day with energy.Read More


Why the Business Plan is Not the First Step

The first step to successfully starting your own business is to write your business plan. Right? Wrong! Your business plan should actually be one of the last steps you take before launching any business venture.  You may be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute!” because most “how-to” books and guides tellRead More


Fact or Fiction: Small Business Edition

Fact or Fiction? There are many common misconceptions about small business. FACT! When it comes to small business there are many beliefs and stereotypes out there. Some are true and some are way off. These misconceptions can seriously cloud an individual’s judgement and perceptions about what it really means toRead More


7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

As we guide clients through the 5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment or 10 Steps to Venture Success, we are frequently asked the question, “Do I really need to create a business plan?” The answer is and always will be YES! We said it in our article Fact or Fiction: SmallRead More

Pros and Cons (2)

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Self-Employment

As with any major decision, we always advise new clients to weigh the pros and cons of self-employment as part of our coaching process. There are many wonderful benefits that self-employment offers as a career focus. However, many have the false impression that running your own business is the easyRead More


5 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Business Owner

There can be a lot of stress in owning and running your own business. When you are self-employed, you are in charge of managing finances, customer relations, marketing, overall administration, and all other aspects of the business. It’s a lot of responsibility for one person, and if poorly managed, theRead More

Coffee break

Why You Need Coffee Breaks

The idea of the coffee break has been around for many years. It can have many different forms – cigarette breaks, water breaks, etc. – but the idea is that you take a brief amount of time to step back from what you are doing. While some may view thisRead More

supplier relationships

Why You Should Be Nurturing Supplier Relationships

You may not realize it, but your supplier relationships can be a critical part of your business strategy. Most businesses have at least one supplier they commonly order goods from. These purchases typically represent the major area of spending, especially for those who sell physical products. A strong relationship withRead More

cash flow best practices

7 Cash Flow Best Practices You Need to Know

Without continuous, positive cash flow, you can’t have a successful business. Even though this is one of the basic truths of running a small business, many entrepreneurs struggle with cash flow management every day. Poor management and control issues can quickly snowball into major problems, and sadly, many of thoseRead More


6 SBA Programs Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

  For over 60 years, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has been helping small business owners access the funding and other resources they need to get started and succeed. Through a variety of SBA programs and initiatives, they have provided aid, counsel, and assistance to countless individuals wishing toRead More