Strategic Management Learning System (SMLS)

Mastering 12 Business Management Systems

Strategic Management Learning System

Ideal for Home-Based, Self-Employed, Small Business Owners and Managers

The SMLS 12 Topics include:

1. Cash Flow
2. Forecasting
3. Management Control
4. Target Marketing
5. Time Management
6. Financing
7. Human Resources
8. Inventory Control
9. Marketing Communications
10. Credit & Collections
11. Strategic Analysis
12. Knowledge Management Systems

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A highly structured, facilitated, hands-on process for taking control of twelve (12) core business management disciplines. Through step-by-step learning, real-world case examples and customizable worksheets, the SMLS workbooks will help you to:

  • Understand 12 core business management disciplines
  • Establish 12 core operational systems
  • Improve decision making
  • Create an integrated dashboard; manual, automated or combination, for improved management control

The Strategic Management Learning System (SMLS) has been effectively used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. It was the only complete learning series by a single author adopted by the U.S. Small Business Administration entrepreneurial learning library.

Released in its 8th edition, the SMLS is a comprehensive entrepreneurial education system. Through step-by-step instructions, real-world case examples, diagrams, customizable worksheets and additional contemporary reference options, the SMLS helps entrepreneurs, home-based, self-employed and business administrative professionals to productively manage operations once a business venture is launched.

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