Decide what needs to be done, who will do it, and how you will know when it is completed

Management Control

The Four Steps

Management is control. Without control, the future of your organization is due to pure chance. Management helps you to make the most efficient use possible out of your scarcest resources, time, people and money. Planning the use of these assets enables you to get the greatest return for your efforts.

Management control systems take the form of MBO (management by objectives), MBE (management by exception), deviation analysis, and others. While each technique is somewhat different, they all achieve the same goal: Who is supposed to do what, when, why, and how will everyone know whether it was or was not achieved. All of this is organized into a single operating plan. This workbook provides a framework to aid in assembling these various pieces into a coherent whole package. The important point is to develop a management philosophy and a management system for its fulfillment.

The four steps of management control allow you to think about your own management style in a systematic way, and to consider the impact that your style has on your employees, your customers, and your business operations in total. There are ways for more effective behavior, but that comes from your willingness and desire to apply the techniques described. Accordingly, this topic will help you develop a management strategy that is most appropriate for you, your business and your employees, all to receive the maximum benefit from your total business operation. That benefit means the dual objectives of profit and satisfaction.

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