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The MyIndividual Learning Plan (ILP) for Life Teaching/Mentoring Guide has been specifically designed to provide a highly structured, step-by-step framework for engaging and motivating individuals of all ages, in proactively planning for their future. Whether you are a teacher, mentor, coach, social worker, counselor or other advisor of Positive Human Development (PHD), the MyILP for Life process will help you to help others through six highly structured, highly transformative Steps:

  1. Identify your natural strengths
  2. Understand your full earning potential
  3. Establish realistic goals
  4. Create an action plan
  5. Build support networks
  6. Launch a strategy for developing the skills, knowledge and experience to fulfill your objectives and enjoy your life to the fullest

Used in conjunction with the MyILP for Life Workbook, the MyILP for Life Teaching/Mentoring Guide provides you with the following features and benefits:

  • A complete 6 Step System that includes multiple hands-on exercises that culminate in the development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) document
  • A plug-and-play process with off-line and on-line teaching/mentoring components
  • A tested and validated process with individuals of all ages
  • An effective tool for use by different advisors including teachers, mentors, counselors, special-needs assistants, coaches and social workers in group, individual and community-based PHD environments
  • A trackable PHD process with quantitative, measurable and repeatable performance outcomes
  • A venue for promoting the value of education by providing a meaningful and relevant context for each individual to correlate learning with the knowledge, skills and experience required for succeeding in pursuits that are important to them
  • A pathway for enabling individuals to take a leadership role in their learning, career and overall purpose in life
  • A platform for engaging family, friends, members of the community and the public education system in supporting each individual’s progress
  • A compilation of data that is well suited for integration into existing individual assessment and planning tools such as Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Individual Plans for Employment (IPEs), lifelong learning optimization strategies, career development programs and mass customization initiatives in education

MyILP for Life is ideally suited for adults in transition, youth at risk, Veterans returning to civilian life, individuals with disabilities and anyone looking to gain focus about what they want in life and an action plan for achieving it. As a facilitative process, MyILP for Life may be implemented with a group of individuals or 1&mdashon—1.

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