Business Planning Guide (BPG)

business planning


Adult Learners [AL]
Post-Secondary [PS]
High School [HS]

A handbook to help you design, write and use a business plan and a financing proposal tailored to your specific business needs.

Developed by the Knowledge Institute, the Business Planning Guide is currently in it’s seventh edition and has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs, academic professionals, nonprofit practitioners, students and others for over twenty-five years.

Acclaimed for its useful step-by-step approach, it is designed to walk you through the systematic process of constructing a business plan and financing proposal that will:

  • Help you to validate your business concept
  • Establish your business operations strategy
  • Provide you with a set of financial forecasts
  • Set your budgeting guidelines
  • Help you to determine the amount and kind of financing most appropriate
  • Provide your potential investors with the most useful and persuasive information about your business relative to enabling them to make swift, accurate and helpful decisions

The Business Planning Guide is suitable for adult, post-secondary and high school learners as a classroom, counseling or community-based teaching/mentoring program.

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