5-Steps to Self-Employment Guide

A Guide to Launching A Self-Employment Venture



Adult Learners [AL]
Post-Secondary [PS]
High School [HS]

The 5-Step TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE to Self-Employment offers a pragmatic, methodical approach for assisting individuals with launching a self-employment venture. You will lead individuals through a five-step process that helps them to evaluate their business readiness and suitability for either part-time or full-time self-employment. They will be able to take a hard look at their business idea to determine whether and how it will work. They will understand how to market their idea to potential customers and determine what additional resources they may need to get started. A final check-list is provided to ensure that all bases are covered for a productive launch.

A highly structured approach for teaching/mentoring adult, post-secondary and high-school learners in launching a self-employment venture. This teaching/mentoring guide will assist you with:

  • Structuring curriculum for teaching groups
  • Structuring 1-on-1 mentoring and counseling exchanges
  • Facilitating experiential learning through interactive exercises
  • Helping individuals to immediately apply what they learn through customizable worksheets
  • Monitor, track and validate the learning experience

In short, as a teacher/mentor you will take learners through a comprehensive process of:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Business Idea Formation and Market Strategy
  3. Cost & Income Forecasting
  4. Business Proposal
  5. Business Launch & Progress Monitoring

The 5-Step learning program is suitable for adult, post-secondary and high school learners as a classroom, counseling or community-based teaching/mentoring program. Student, mentee or client workbooks may be purchased separately.

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5-Steps to Self-Employment
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