12-Steps Teaching/Mentoring Guide

12-Steps to Managing Business Systems

management systems

Used by business counselors, trainers, and consultants, this highly structured, facilitated process is designed to help individuals who have already launched a business, develop twelve core business management systems to support growth and long-term sustainability. Through 1-on-1 counseling or group workshops, the following business disciplines are taught, learned and demonstrated through real world application.

The SMLS TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE offers an established, proven training and counseling program. It has been used by Small Business Development Centers, accounting firms, business consultants and others for over a decade and represents the only complete management learning system adopted by the U.S. Small Business Administration as part of their small business learning library. Teaching/Mentoring features of the guide include:

  • 12 Session Presentation Formats
  • 12 Step-by-Step Teaching Curriculum
  • 12 Client/Student Workbooks
  • Multiple Client/Student Worksheet Handouts
  • Client/Student Reference Materials
  • 12 Real World Case Studies
  • Companion CD-ROM with PPTs, marketing tips to support workshop registrations and additional reference materials

The SMLS TEACHING/MENTORING program is suitable for adult, post-secondary and high school learners who have already launched a business. Client/Student workbooks may be purchased separately by individual topic or as a complete set of twelve (12). Client/Student workbook covers may also be custom ordered to include your organizations logo and contact information when ordering in volume for group workshop and classroom applications.

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12-Steps to Venture Growth
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