Why Every Business Needs a SWOT Analysis


Per tradition, we like to kick off a new period with a SWOT analysis as we consider our goals and look for new opportunities where we can expand our reach. While some may find this task tedious or feel they don’t have time for it, we always try to emphasizeRead More

5 Trends in Self-Employment to Watch in 2017


With each new year, comes new trends, and with them new opportunities. While you don’t have to jump on the bandwagon of every trend that passes by, it is important to be aware of what is happening in the market. One of the most important things to remember about owingRead More

6 Great Reasons to Outsource HR


  If you haven’t considered outsourcing your small business’s Human Resources (HR) function, you may want to. There are few business owners we know that enjoy managing their own HR department. This is not because they dislike people. In fact, most of them love their staff. The challenge is complyingRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | What are the legal requirements for starting a business?

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Dear Dr. Deborah, I’ve talked about starting my own interior design business for many years now, and I’ve decided that my New Year’s resolution for 2017 will be to finally take the plunge. I’m fairly confident in being able to get customers and run my business. However, I’m not sureRead More

Our Self-Employment Christmas List


Despite it being years since we’ve written our last letters to Santa, most of us still take the time to think up our own personal Christmas lists. As business owners, work related items can’t help but slip in between the Fitbits and the iPhone 7s. Just in case ‘ole SaintRead More

Tips For Your Year-End Budget Deviation Analysis


Conducting an end-of-year Budget Deviation Analysis is a must for every small and self-employed business owner. In it, you compare how your business actually performed relative to how you had forecast it would perform. Going through this process, not just at the end of the fiscal year, but also eachRead More

7 Metrics to Check in Your Year-End Review

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One of the best things about owning and running your own small business is that you get to go to a job you love and care about every day. While it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, it’s not always fun and games. If you wantRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | How do I choose a business idea?

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Dear Dr. Deborah, After a few years of being retired, I have decided that it is just not for me – at least not yet! Some of my family and friends have suggested going back to work as a teacher or getting a part-time job at a retail store. However,Read More

Why Your Customer is Your Best Sales Person


The best sales person in any business is always the customer. Most of the sales and marketing techniques out there today pale in comparison to the power and influence of customer word-of-mouth referrals. Why? Because a referral from another customer is more genuine. No matter what you do as aRead More

How to Improve Your Sales Pitch


If your business is struggling to increase sales revenue, it may be time to work on your sales pitch. It’s easy to think that poor sales are due to prices being too high or a lack of market interest. However, sometimes it simply comes down to your sales pitch. WithoutRead More