Small Business Champions Spotlight: XcelHR and Ted Winglass

img_xcelhr1Ted Winglass is no stranger to small business. As President of XcelHR, a human resources (HR) services company, Ted has been helping small businesses for over two decades. Specializing in PEO, ASO, and HR outsourcing services, XcelHR helps businesses to streamline HR management practices in a variety of ways. This includes providing an HR help desk, employee handbook review, comprehensive HR audit, government compliance, recruiting, and performance reviews.

“Employees are an essential component to small business growth,” said Ted Winglass. “Maintaining accurate HR records, effective policies and open communication channels goes a long way toward supporting a productive and motivated workforce.”

The Challenge

Licensed in all 50 states and backed by a major growth equity firm, XcelHR is on course to becoming one of the largest privately-held PEO and HR service groups in America. As an integral part of their growth strategy, Ted believed that it was important to help small businesses beyond providing quality HR solutions.

“With increased global competition and ongoing economic uncertainty, it is important for us to support small businesses in ways that also drive their growth and long-term sustainability,” said Ted. “In essence, our success is tied to their success.”

The Solution

Small firms employ just over half of the private-sector workforce and have created nearly two-thirds of America’s net new jobs over the past 15 years. Through a public/private initiative referred to as America’s Small Business Champion’s Network (Network), 2.5 million connections are occurring each month between small business resource users and resource providers. This includes thousands of free, public business assistance agency programs, as well as high-value, private sector goods and services. The Network is comprised of a series of virtual communities, social media channels, and special events.

“Joining the Network is a win/win,” said Ted. “We’re driving more awareness, access and use of the resources that businesses need to thrive in today’s dynamic economy, while also sharing our particular knowledge and expertise in the HR management industry.”

img_xcelhr2In recent series of Network workshops conducted across Montana, XcelHR contributed invaluable knowledge about the intricacies of selling products and services to the government. XcelHR helps businesses to comply with the additional obligations that go along with government contracting, such as higher employment and HR management standards, audited payroll and accounting systems, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), staffing and recruiting, and payroll financing.

Public/private collaboration is the driving force behind Network engagement where “all users add value, and all users receive value.” Content is accessible to all businesses at no-charge and is educationally-focused; serving to inform, educate, and enhance business decision-making in order to support America’s small business growth, economic and social prosperity.