Small Business Champions Spotlight: Insureon

With 20 years of entrepreneurial and insurance industry experience, Ted Devine understands the risks that small businesses face. As CEO of insureon, a premier online small business insurance agency, he also understands how to help small business owners minimize risk.

img_insureon1Since 2000, insureon has been helping business owners to secure cost-effective protection in a wide range of important areas. This includes general liability, errors & omissions, automobile, commercial property, cyber liability, employment practices, and workers’ compensation insurance.

“Running a business is an incredibly risky venture,” said Ted Devine. “That’s doubly true if you’re the only person in the business. And how it used to be is that most insurance companies didn’t want anything to do with that. They didn’t have much to offer one- to ten-person businesses, or maybe they could write one specific industry, but it wasn’t easy for business owners to know where to go to find coverage. That left a lot of business owners even more exposed than they needed to be.” changed that by offering an online destination where users can chat virtually with an experienced insurance advisor, call toll-free to discuss their needs, and complete an application for key business insurance policies. Independent industry reviews rank insureon high for serving as a “trusted advisor that offers efficiency, expertise and a deep understanding of business risks and how to minimize them.”

More than Insurance

To ensure that business owners truly understand how to minimize risk on an ongoing basis, insureon created the Insureon Small Business Institute (ISBI), a robust repository of insurance information, data, reports, and real-world business experiences. This commitment to knowledge-sharing as well as high-value products and services, is what made insureon an obvious fit with America’s Small Business Champions Network (Champions Network).

Hosted by the Knowledge Institute for Small Business Development (KISBD), the Champions Network promotes awareness and access to over 100,000 free and low-cost small business assistance programs tailored to helping individuals to start, grow, and succeed in business. This includes access to no-cost small business counseling, financial guidance, marketing expertise, government contracting opportunities, and start-up FAQs.

“When small businesses succeed, we all benefit,” said Dr. Deborah Osgood, President and CEO of KISBD. “As a collaborative public service, we created the Champions Network to foster more entrepreneurial innovation by enhancing access to real people who can help business owners to solve real challenges.”

As the nation’s leading provider of insurance for small and micro-businesses, insureon is an excellent complement to the select group of Champions Network partners. By making business insurance application materials available entirely online, insureon lets business owners search for insurance on their own schedule. The technology supporting that system means business owners enjoy simultaneous access to top-rated carriers through their agents. Those agents identify applicable risks, contact carriers, and email multiple insurance quotes for businesses to choose from – usually within 24 hours.

“Becoming part of the Champions Network was an obvious choice for us,” said Ted. “Thanks to the reach across multiple online and off-line channels, we’re able to reach more small businesses at the grassroots level with quality insurance products and high value information.”

img_insureon2‘Insuring’ Small Business Knowledge & Success

A recent insureon blog post noted that “over 97 percent of small businesses don’t have coverage to deal with a data breach.” Protecting business data, particularly confidential customer data, is becoming a huge concern for many businesses. It can also be a potentially costly risk with the average small-business data breach costing just under $8,700.

Cyber Liability coverage is just one area where insureon is leading the pack in terms of educating small businesses and providing an insurance solution to protect against risk. Insureon also specializes in insurance solutions for small information technology businesses, including IT freelancers, permalancers, permatemps, independent contractors, and related self-employed IT industry professionals.

“Small business owners have enough to focus on today to remain competitive and grow,” said Ted. “By partnering with KISBD and the Network, we can continue to ensure that they have access to the resources they require to minimize risk and maximize growth.”

Public/private collaboration is the driving force behind the Champions Network engagement where “all users add value, and all users receive value.” Content is accessible to all businesses at no-charge and is educationally-focused serving to inform, educate and enhance business decision making in order to support America’s small business growth, economic and social prosperity.