News 2017

Chico Enterprise-Record (ChicoER) highlight’s Dr. Deborah’s upcoming keynote presentation on women in business, money, and finances at the Butte College SBDC’s annual Women in Business Conference next week in the article Business speaker: Women need to reprogram themselves on money.
Dr. Deborah returns the Money $ense on WGIR AM610 to continue her discussion with Marc Hebert on the psychology of money and how it impacts our lives and businesses.
Board members of the Office of National Ombudsman gather for their annual meeting in Washington, D.C. to hear testimony from small business owners from around country and discuss small business federal regulatory challenges. Dr. Deborah serves as a third term board member for the Boston Region.
As a third-term board member, Dr. Deborah hosts a regional US SBA Office of Advocacy Roundtable event to provide a forum for small businesses in voicing federal regulatory challenges prohibitive to venture start-up and growth.
Marc Hebert invites Dr. Deborah Osgood back to Money $ense on WGIR AM610 to discuss the psychology behind money and who individuals can use this knowledge to take control in life and business.
NH Business Review publishes Knowledge Institute CEO Deborah Osgood, a Q&A interview between Dr. Deborah Osgood and NHBR editor, Jeff Feingold, highlighting KISBD’s mission to foster self-employment development.
Dr. Deborah Osgood joins WGIR AM610’s Jack Heath on New Hampshire Today to discuss self-employment and business opportunities in New Hampshire.
Dr. Deborah Osgood speaks at the 2017 New Hampshire Family Support Conference in a workshop titled, Get Optimized, 6 Steps to Career Focus & Success.
Knowledge Institute Named Best Global Entrepreneurial Resource by NHBR Best of Business 2017 Awards for their inspiring work in self-employment and small business development across the globe.