Self-employment is becoming the new normal. We need to be the change we wish to see and at KISBD we’re here to help you make that change.


For over forty years, KISBD has been helping individuals to start, grow and succeed in small business. Today, that means micro-business. Over 40% of Americans are now working for themselves and that number is continuing to rise.

The drivers vary, yet the facts remain. Self-employment is becoming the new normal for many in the workforce as it provides increased career control, financial stability, and better quality of life. Our mission is to help facilitate this transition by empowering, educating, and supporting communities in New Hampshire, across the nation, and even globally.

As individuals, we will help you figure out where to begin and how to maintain profitability once launched through one-on-one coaching. As a workforce, economic, or community development agency, we will help you to update your programming and train your counselors to help people create their own jobs through our innovative step-by-step Self-Employment Development Program training. And as a community, we will inspire you to do what you love and love what you do through skill development workshops, innovative approaches to online learning, and public speaking as subject matter experts in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

If we’re going to continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong small business economy, we need to empower individuals to take control of their futures and create their own opportunities to start, grow, and succeed in life, in careers, and in business.

Believing in Social Entrepreneurship

In addition to offering products and services to support venture start-up and growth, KISBD has a social entrepreneurial mission: to help more small businesses overcome challenges dealing with global competition, over-regulation, and limited to access to capital. By leveraging people, process and technology, they created America’s Small Business Champions Network, a public/private consortium of government, nonprofit and private sector enterprises working together to help individuals to learn about and connect with the resources they require to succeed. Today, this Network is helping to facilitate over 2.5 million connections each month to over 30,000 free and low-cost public business assistance programs.