5 Benefits to Leveraging a Staffing Agency for Engineering Talent

Engineering Talent Network

Today engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs in the market. With specialties ranging from automation to computer engineering, businesses everywhere are discovering the value of building their own engineering team. However, for a small business owner with limited time and resources, sorting through the talent market is easier said than done. Fortunately, Kelly Services® has one of the largest engineering talent networks and has been specializing in the engineering placement for 50 years.

Here are five benefits of leveraging the Kelly engineering talent network to build your team with the best engineering professionals possible:

  1. Beat the Competition | When it comes to the STEM industries (science, technology, engineering, and math), finding highly qualified talent can be difficult as the market becomes more competitive. Kelly consultative staffing agents know your industry, region and remain on top of where the talent is and which schools offer the best of the best to recruit from.
  2. Work Smarter Not Harder | When you work in a small business, everyone has to be flexible in performing their day-to-day duties. What you want to avoid, however, is diluting engineering productivity by requiring too much diversity of task. With on-demand access to talent through a well-established staffing agency, you can solve short-term, project-based needs with independent contractors, and optimize longer-term needs with direct hires. Simply put, you want the right tool for the right job at the right time.
  3. Optimize Performance | Employees are one of your business’s most valuable assets. At the same time, finding the right talent for the right job can be overwhelming and costly, particularly if running your business is more of a priority than running help-wanted ads and interviewing schedules. By leveraging established and reputable staffing agency talent, you can have it all – a focus on your business performance with a well-focused team to perform the work.
  4. Simplify Hiring | Hiring the right talent takes time. Yet, the longer the hiring process, the higher the cost. Of course, hiring the wrong employee can cost a lot as well. A professional staffing firm like Kelly, offers all of the expertise required to minimize hiring expenses and maximize the benefits. You can test out talent before hiring, hire on a project-basis only, and hire for permanent needs. In each case, Kelly consultative staffing agents will guide you through the hiring processes and requirements to support labor laws, legal documentation and overall onboarding phases.
  5. Carpe Diem | When a valued client introduces a new need that fits with your business model yet you lack the in-house talent, the last thing you want to do is send them looking elsewhere. Instead, with an established staffing agency, you have quick access to a diverse pool of talent allowing you to meet your client’s needs.

Being flexible and taking advantage of market opportunities as they arise is one of the key competitive advantages to being a small business. This includes being able to secure engineering talent when you need it. Simply put, a well-engineered staff drives a well-engineered bottom line. Start a conversation now with a Kelly Services agent by visiting www.kellyservices.us/engineering


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