3 Signs it’s Time to Hire an Office Worker

office worker

How can you tell when it’s time to hire an assistant or office worker for your small business? Making this choice can be a big challenge for many small business owners, especially self-employed individuals who are used to doing everything on their own.

As sales increase and your business attracts new customers, not bringing on additional help can result in losing business through careless mistakes. The fact is that you have to spend money to make money. The key is knowing when to invest and how much to invest to justify ROI.

Here are three signs that will help you to know that it’s time to hire that new office worker:

  1. You’re To-Do List is Too Long | As the business owner of a small team, you must wear many hats. However, your ability to do everything yourself eventually caps out as your business grows. Administrative duties are among those that can take up the most time, but bring in the least amount of money directly. Nevertheless, these tasks are essential to keeping your business running efficiently. Hiring an office worker allows you to delegate this work so that you can focus on doing what you love and making more money in ways where everyone benefits!
  2. It’s Busy Season! | Every business has a busy season and it is a prime opportunity to break through sales goals and attract new customers. However, accomplishing this may mean that you’ll need extra hands on deck to help manage the influx of customers. A temporary office employee can take over some of the overflow work, such as managing invoices and answering phone calls, so that you can focus on meeting customer demand.
  3. Sudden Change of Staff | In a small business, everyone depends on each other to keep things running smoothly. This means that when one person suddenly quits or has to leave unexpectedly, it can leave a huge gap in productivity. For example, if your business has 4 employees and one quits, you lose 25% of your workforce! To avoid overburdening yourself and your other employees you need to find a qualified replacement quickly.

A common factor in all three of these signs is time. Time is one of the most important resources in a small business. That being said, many business owners don’t have the time – or the expertise – to go through the hiring process to find the right candidate. Staffing agencies like Kelly Services® are the perfect solution in this situation. With one of the largest talent networks in the country, Kelly has been helping businesses find the perfect office staff for 70 years. Their expert team of staffing agents can handle the recruiting and interviewing process for your company whether you want a direct hire, a temporary worker, or you just want to test the waters before making a commitment to hiring an employee.

Don’t ignore the signs. To find the office worker you need, start a conversation now with a Kelly Services agent by visiting www.kellyservices.us/office


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