February, 2016

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5 Places Your Cash Could Be Hiding

When cash gets tight in a business, everyone feels the pressure. A mistake many small business owners make is to look too broadly at the problem and decide, “We just need to make more sales.” However, sometimes with more sales, cash flow problems may only become worse and more difficultRead More

Are You Ready to Run a Business?

You’ve come up with a fantastic idea and now you’re thinking, “I should start my own business!” Congrats! As you get ready to launch though, step carefully. Running a business is a big commitment – bigger than many realize – and missteps early on could lead you to a quickRead More

It’s Tax Season Baby! Tips for Managing Your Business Taxes

This time of year strikes fear in the minds of business owners and individuals everywhere. It’s the dreaded tax season. By now you’ve sent out your Form W2’s and your employees are already filing away, searching for as many deductions as possible. For your business though, the deadline for filingRead More

4 Things You Can Outsource to Improve Your Profits

When you’re a small or self-employed business owner you don’t just wear many hats, you wear every hat. This challenge can quickly become overwhelming, and for many can actually be a hindrance to their business. Every task from answering the phone to managing inventory is important to your success, butRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | How can I better manage my time?

Dear Dr. Deborah, I need some advice. I own and run a photography company, and business has been great. Most of my clients refer me to friends and colleagues, so new customers are flying in, especially with the wedding season coming up.  However, I’m finding it difficult to get everythingRead More

6 Ways to Show Your Employees Some Love

Though they may not be your first choice as a Valentine this year, your employees are extremely important to your business. Without them you wouldn’t have the success that you do. That being said, it’s important to show them some appreciation, not just because they deserve it, but also because a happy workerRead More

The Importance of Teamwork in Small Business Success

There are few phrases as true as, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link,” when it comes to running a small business. When you’re working in small groups, everyone feels it when one person isn’t pulling their share of the load. As a small business owner, it is inRead More

Why Every Small Business Owner Must Be a Great Leader

People come up with millions of great ideas every day. Unfortunately though, many of those that are actually turned into a business fail. While there can be a number of reasons for this, ranging from lack of capital to poor planning, a common factor is the individuals themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is cutRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | Is self-employment the right career path?

Dear Dr. Deborah, Recently I’ve been thinking about starting my own business, but I’ve heard that it requires a lot of work, and that most startup businesses fail. It’s a really big risk and I’m not sure I have what it takes. As the breadwinner of the family, we dependRead More