January, 2016

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Ask Dr. Deborah | Should I be creating press releases for my small business?

Dear Dr. Deborah, My name is Katie, and I’m currently working on opening my own hair salon. Recently some fellow business owners were talking about how great press releases are for publicity. Being new to this, I agreed with them, but truthfully I don’t know much about such things. ShouldRead More

5 Ways to Build Your Small Business Brand Identity

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who is my business?” Every business, whether we are aware of it or not has an identity formed by customer perceptions and associations. Without branding, a business has no control over what this may be. To ensure that customers are forming a positive identity, businessRead More

Meet the Fairy Godmother of Small Business Branding

Though we may not think it, branding plays a major role in the how we make purchasing decisions as consumers. The reason why is because as emotional human beings, perceived and intrinsic value play a fairly significant role in our decision making process. One of the best examples of thisRead More

Creating Your Own Luck in Business

As the Farewell Season of American Idol gets started, many of us are finding ourselves reminiscing on the days of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. As hundreds sang their hearts out in front of Simon, Paula, Randy and all of America, you couldn’t help but think, “They’re so lucky,” orRead More

Facing Our Financing Fears

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, cash is king in business. From day one, it’s an essential asset that every business needs in order to grow and flourish. Despite this, new, growing, and even some experienced small business owners often try to shy away from seeking additionalRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | Why is my business not making a profit?

Dear Dr. Deborah, My wife and I have been in business for a little over a year now, but we aren’t even close to breaking even. Our sales overall were good this past year, but there’s little to show for it. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. I don’tRead More

Ask Dr. Deborah | Where can I find help starting my own business?

Dear Dr. Deborah, For years I have had this hobby on the side that I work on after work. I love it and after much encouragement from family and friends I have decided to turn it into a business. However, I don’t know anything about running a business and I’mRead More

Planning for Success in the New Year

2015 is over, and hopefully it was a good year for your business. Now that the New Year is here, it’s time for new goals, new strategies, and new success stories. Every business, big or small, successful or struggling, has one common goal: to perform even better than the previousRead More

How to Make 2016 the Year of Opportunities

As you begin to create your new plan on how to make 2016 a successful year, consider what opportunities are knocking on your door. The folly of many as they make their New Year’s resolutions, is that they often wait around for good things to come their way. In orderRead More

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

2016 is finally here and it’s time for a fresh start! As you begin to create your New Year’s resolutions for your personal life, maybe you should consider setting some resolutions for your business as well. After all, one way to become the best is admitting that there’s always roomRead More