October, 2015

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Peek-a-Boo: Uncover Credit Risks

What you don’t know about your customers can hurt you Every business owner loves a new sale – particularly a large one. It often means you’re selling the right stuff, reaching the right target market, and on your way to growing! At the same time, it could also mean troubleRead More

Lost in the Dark – Finding a Mentor to Lead the Way

Starting your own business is exciting, but it is also a bit terrifying. There are so many questions to be answered and so much to learn, doing it all on your own can often feel like you’re stumbling around blind in the dark. You don’t have to do it onRead More

Ghosts of Marketing Blunders Past

Have you ever embarrassed yourself or made a mistake that your friends and family just won’t ever let you live down? Well, the same thing happens in marketing all the time. This is because people tend to suffer from a negativity bias where things deemed “negative,” such as unpleasant thoughts,Read More

When Employees Become Nightmares

One day you are shaking hands, welcoming a new employee to the team, then over the next several month things begin to change. Sales are lower, deadlines aren’t being met, meetings end without solutions, and the smiling faces of your team that used to greet you ever morning are gone.Read More

6 Tips to Improving your Marketing Campaign

Every business requires a well thought out marketing strategy to build brand awareness and drive sales. An important part of this strategy is your marketing campaign, which focuses on what you’re going to say, to who, why and how you’re going to reach them.  Because this can get a little confusing, here are sixRead More

Smart Financing for Small Business – A Dozen Choices

You’ve got a great idea for a small business, now how are you going to finance it? Not just startups, this is an ongoing question for all small business owners. Tough as it may seem to answer the question, there are actually a significant number of options for SMB financing,Read More

Balancing Your Small Business Budget

One of the worst things you can do in business is spend more money then you have coming in. This situation can be anticipated and often easily avoided, though, with using a budget as a simple control tool. Your budget is the estimated amount of money your business will receiveRead More

Forecasting the Storm

Want to see the future of your business? It’s not guaranteed, but businesses have been using forecasting for decades to help create a useful picture of the future. Many small business owners ask, “Why do I need to utilize a forecasting model?” The reason is, it helps them to createRead More