September, 2015

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Your Self-Employment Toolbox

Everyone needs their own personal toolbox filled with the essentials that help them get through any obstacle. For children it’s probably their favorite toy and some snacks, for new parents extra clothes and a babysitter’s phone number, and for corporations a team of lawyers. But what about self-employed business owners?Read More

Tips for Becoming a Self-Employed Success

Now that you know what it means to be a self-employed freelancer, you need to know how to become a successful self-employed freelancer. Here are some tips to help you build your brand and create a successful path for growth:

Employment vs. Self-Employment: Defining the Freelancer

There is a growing trend in our economy, as well as others across the world, and its self-employment. It’s not only young millennials leading the way either. Many individuals are making mid-life career shifts from employment to self-employment, and some are even leaving retirement to start their own freelance businesses.Read More

Blood Pressure and Business Pressure

Why every exec’ should be watching their numbers Whether you are the CMO, the CEO, the business owner or all three, every executive should watching their numbers. It’s not enough to glance at a financial report at the end of each month. Today’s markets can change on a dime –Read More

Why Starting Your Own Company is Risky Business

Risky Business is not just the name of a famous Tom Cruise movie. It’s a phrase every new small business owner should take to heart, because starting a business, no matter how great your idea is, always comes with risk. Is there such a thing as good and bad risk,Read More

Getting Up Close and Personal with your Business Expenses

There is one thing that every business needs, no matter the size, and that’s money. Healthy cash flow is what keeps your business running, and maintaining it takes a lot of work. Unfortunately, many new business owners underestimate exactly how closely they should be paying attention to this critical area.Read More

Beginners Guide to the Small Business Strategic Plan

If you were to head out on a road trip without a map, you would likely get lost, especially if you’re driving through unknown territory. Well, the same goes for when you are starting a business. You need your road map to help you figure out where you are goingRead More