August, 2015

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Online Marketing: Plan, Act, Track, Repeat

Congratulation! You’ve decided to start your own business and you have a great product to offer to customers. Now you just need to convince them of that. To do this, every business owner must create a marketing plan that answers four basic questions: What are you offering? Who are yourRead More

The Social Media Overload

If you see two individuals shoving their heads close together while holding a smartphone as far away as their arms will reach, you know exactly what’s happening. They are taking a selfie, which in a moment will be will be tweeted, shared, and tagged on a variety of social mediaRead More

Preparing for Mobilegeddon as a Small Business

Welcome to Mobilegeddon – where the number of mobile devices exceeds the total population of the world and the phrase “there’s an app for that” has become the norm. It’s amazing how far technology has taken us in the last few decades and now it’s practically unheard of for someone notRead More

4 Tips to More Ka’ Ching! in Business

. . .and other ways to maximize cash flow There’s a lot to keep in mind when running a profitable business – namely marketing and delivering great products and services. Sometimes this leaves little time for staying ahead of cash flow demands.

Veterans, Federal Contracting, and PTAC

The federal government, along with state and local governments, purchases goods and services worth literally trillions of dollars. While much of this contracting goes to large providers, allocating a certain portion of all purchasing has been made a priority for specialized groups within the society including veterans, women, racial minoritiesRead More

Free Business Development Resources for Veterans

Upon returning from active duty, finding employment is a challenge many veterans face for a variety of reasons such as the mis-alignment of military job classification codes with civilian job opportunities, PTSD and other service disorders, or simply finding a position that excites and challenges them. For many the solution liesRead More

Job Creation Through Veteran Self-Employment

It is no big secret that veterans returning from active duty are experiencing difficulty in finding employment. In fact, according to a recent report from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), over 50% of these veterans will face a period of unemployment. For many, their best (and often only) shotRead More