July, 2015

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5 Solutions for Optimizing Outsourced Results

There are some really great tools and resources available that can significantly improve the efficiency and profitability for any company, but particularly for smaller companies where it is impossible to have specialists available to cover each functional area. Outsourced solutions, including options like sub-contractors and freelance providers, can represent aRead More

HR Challenges of the Changing Workforce

In our previous article 4 Reasons to Love Your Contingent Workforce, we discussed the opportunities of using contingent and freelance workers in place of regular employees. As with every business decision though, it’s vital to weigh the benefits against the weaknesses of these options in order to make the bestRead More

4 Reasons to Love Your Contingent Workforce

We are in the middle of a freelance revolution where workers are being shifted from employee status to a contingent or self-employed status. In fact, Forbes has predicted that by 2020, 50% of American workers will be self-employed. From the businesses point of view, any human resource utilized by theRead More

Get Your Own Business Started Right With Two Free Online Self-Learning Programs

As more and more workers are looking to self-employment or starting their own business as their primary (and sometimes only) employment option, what do they have to do to succeed? The old answer of “Write a business plan” is not sufficient. In fact, it is typically a show-stopper for most.Read More

Getting to Know Your 5 Step Program to Successful Self-Employment

5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment, Starting and Succeeding in Your Own Business, is geared to developing a self-employment part-time or full time business. Each of these Steps is critical to the start-up and operational stages:

Getting to Know Your 10 Step Program to Venture Success

The 10 Steps to Venture Success is an online self-service interactive training program that provides a through step-by-step framework to help participants develop the business skills, knowledge and support network for successfully launching their own business venture. Each of the Steps is critical to the start-up and operational stages:

The Power of Email Marketing and Dynamic Content

Dynamic is such a great word. And it so well describes the world we live in today where just about everything is in a state of constant change. In the context of maintaining business profitability, this can be challenging. In the context of business marketing, however, there is good news!

4 Tips for Using User-Generated Content

The Power of the Personal Viewpoint Social media has given rise to endless channels of topic-specific and people-specific content. Whether using Instagram to let your friends know what you’re up to, Pinterest to share an image of something you like, Twitter to announce a timely tip, or Facebook to engageRead More

5 Solutions for a Happier, Healthier Employee

It’s difficult to have a healthy business with unhealthy or unhappy employees. Several studies have shown that overall employee wellness can have a major impact on productivity and the bottom line. In a small business this is especially important because each individual plays a bigger role in the bottom line.Read More