May, 2015

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The Role of Financing and Logistics in Successful Selling

Managing Your Cash Flow in Big Business Sales | Part 3 As stated in part two of this series, Smart Selling: Relationship building with buyers and suppliers, over-promising on sales goals is a bad practice that can damage your business’ credibility as well as its balance sheet. To make sure youRead More

Employee Readiness Checklist |

  As discussed in Employee or Subcontractor?, knowing the difference between what constitutes an employee and what constitutes a subcontractor is key to ensuring your business stays out of hot water when it comes to dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, there are other compliance rules and regulations,Read More

The Changing Workforce

Smaller businesses by their very nature are dynamic. Change is the only constant. Because the business environment is continually changing, all businesses need to understand and respond to change or be left behind.

Avoiding HR Disasters |

Having employees can be detrimental to the health of your business. An ongoing proliferation of laws and regulations, along with an increasingly litigious environment can easily place smaller businesses at risk. 1) Why not larger businesses? Most simply, because larger companies typically have an HR department headed and staffed byRead More

Smart Selling: Relationship building with buyers and suppliers

Managing Your Cash Flow in Big Business Sales | Part 2 In general, selling smart is the ultimate strategy of any business, but when it comes to large companies sometimes you need to take a different approach than with your typical customers. In this second part to improving cash flowRead More

Success in Sales through Better Customer Negotiation |

Managing Your Cash Flow in Big Business Sales | Part 1 There are many ways to improve your cash flow. Who you sell to and how may be the most important way you can bring about the needed control.  We all know and love those clients that pay COD, butRead More

Predict Performance with Knowledge Management |

Success in business has a lot to do with numbers. How many customers do you have? What is the average purchase volume? How much did you make last month in sales? What were your total costs? What is your profit margin? How does your website rank with the search engines?Read More

Tools of the Trade | Cash Flow Worksheet

In its simplest form, cash flow refers to the flows of cash, literally, into and out of the business. Think in terms of actual cash, dollar bills, flowing in and out of the business, and then identify both their sources and uses. The underlying message is simple: Run out ofRead More