November, 2014

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Seven Steps to Effective Time Management |

Most self-employed individuals and small business owners find themselves overwhelmed with demands for their time and find it extremely difficult to know how to effectively budget this important resource. Also, for many self-employed individuals and small business owners, procrastination and avoidance are the most common ways in which Time, theirRead More

Giving Thanks & Staying Positive | SMB Best Practices

Thanksgiving is fast upon us and it is time to count our blessings! For many of us, this may include getting together with friends and family and sharing what we are thankful for. It may also mean simply taking a step back and quietly thinking about what we are thankfulRead More

Workers’ Comp – Minimize Your Business Risk

Workers’ Compensation Insurance, or Workers’ Comp as it is more often referred to, is insurance that a business carries to protect employees against loss of income and medical expenses if they become injured or ill as a result of performing their work. These costs can be unpredictably high and thereRead More

Funding The Way to Small Business Success

These days, there are a plethora of options for people looking to receive funding. As a small business owner, you might be overwhelmed with the wide range of choices and unsure as to which one is the best fit. One of the best options, which many business owners are unawareRead More

Reducing Costs Improves your Bottom Line

Automation is the key to controlling and reducing operating expenses. Many companies struggle to track expenses; using outdated Excel spreadsheets and piles of purchase orders and invoices can be overwhelming. Read more…

Building Business Credit

Visit the new Business Education Center to discover information, videos and other useful resources for building small business credit. Learn the Basics of Business Credit, what’s in a Business Credit File, and how to judge a Company’s Credibility before you choose to do business.

The Importance of Cash Flow |

Cash flow for a small business is more important that profit. Analysis of small business successes and failures shows that the small business that focuses on cash flow rather than profit lasts longer, and is more profitable in the long run. For financing purposes, cash flow analysis is more importantRead More

HRM | The Answer to SMB Human Resource Challenges

Businesses are always looking for the next best thing. On the rise are web- and cloud-based software programs that help small businesses to manage their daily business activities. One field where these programs are gaining popularity is HR, with 57% of companies planning to purchase new Human Resources Management (HRM) softwareRead More

Business Resources for Veterans |

When the members of our armed forces come home from overseas, many look to self-employment or small business ownership as a way of maintaining a steady stream of income. In fact, many of the skills and traits of our military members are very similar to those of individuals with anRead More

Small Business | Supporting Our Troops

Today’s military veteran has been trained in nearly every occupation imaginable. This includes training with a strong focus in technology. Most veterans possess a variety of skills to help them succeed as both a member of the military and as a valued member of today’s workforce. These skills and characteristicsRead More